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Math Monday: String art, Bridges Style

by Glen Whitney

Os lugares onde Fibonacci's Bell estivo exposta en EE.UU.

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Dear Manual, Thank you for contributing your artwork, Fibonacci's Bell, to the MoSAIC traveling art exhibition.  We are now winding down the project after two successful years in which we (the Bridges organization funded by MSRI) hosted public math/art festivals around the US.  Thousands of people attended and saw your artwork at Berkeley, Columbia, Champaign-Urbana, Portland, Raleigh, Lincoln, MIT, Boulder, and at the 2015 National Math Festival in Washington DC.

Bridges Baltimore 2015. Art Exhibition

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Cando vexas un portátil nesa zona están as obras de Manuel Diaz (Yin-Yan, Mathematical Beauty of the tetraedsra e Homage to Bridget Riley, con portátil (laptop), Leap Motion e Arduino


Video da exposición en Towson Towson University made a short video about the gallery exhibition. It can be viewed on YouTube: