Campolyhedrons regulars in video

Submitted by admin on Dom, 06/25/2023 - 11:54

I have evolved from 2D programming to 3D figures, to mathematical sculpting in 3D. In the last four years I delved into polyhedrons. This series of videos and images are explained at, entry campolyhedron. In the Bridges 2023 exhibition there are related works, with the ones I present, made with circles. In different years of the Bridges exhibitions you can see my evolution towards my current artistic work in mathematical art. In these video works I apply animation to the figures, the five regular campolyhedrons, to be able to observe them from different points of view and lights, so that the symmetries of the figures and their relationship with the corresponding regular polyhedra can be observed. Also the differences in precision with them, better in polyhedra with polygons with four or five sides.